Kundali Bhagya Episode 20th July 2022 :OH NO! Arjun and Rishab gets into a fight

Anjali asks Arjun whether he still loves Preeta or not. She does not tell anything and he keeps quiet Anjali tells that means he still has feelings for Preeta.

He tells that he does not have any feelings for Preeta. Anjali asks him to take revenge because everyone is finding that who is he.

Kundali Bhagya

On the other hand, Rakhi prays to God so that she can get back her son in their life. Arjun reaches the Luthra house along with Anjali.

He asks Anjali to stay in the car and he will go and apologize to everyone in the family. He tries to get in but the security guards do not allow him.

The security guards tell him that Rishabh has told them not to allow him to enter the house. Arjun gets shocked and he goes away from there.

Arjun tells Anjali that she told him to apologize to them but the thing is that they do not want that. He tells that the security guards have not allowed him to enter.

He drives to his office of Rishabh, she tries to go inside the office but the manager stops him. He gets angry on him and tells him that he will fire him.

Anjali corrects him and tells are you mean that if Rishabh gets to know that they have behaved like this with him then he will throw out of his job.

But no one listens to them. Arjun goes to take out his car when he accidentally bumps on Rishabh’s car. And after this Rishabh comes out of the car.

When he finds that it is Arjun over there he gets angrier. Arjun tells that he came there because he wants to apologize to him. He gives his hand and asks him to be friends.

But Rishabh tells that they can be friends anymore he asks him to stay away from his family and everyone in the family.

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