Anupama Update: Pakhi Tries to Change Herself for Barkha


Anupama takes Anu to her mother’s house she tells her mother she is very worried about the upcoming days because there are so many responsibilities she have to take.

She says that she is worried about her daughter Anu as well as she is also worried about Kinjal’s baby and it will be a bit difficult for her to maintain all these.

Her mother tells her that she believes in her and she knows that everything will be fine and she is the one who will be taking the responsibility and she can successfully complete all the responsibilities.

On the other hand, Pakhi goes to meet Barkha. Barkha tries to change pakhi so that she can become perfect for the Kapadia family. She tries to upgrade Pakhi.

Barkha tells her that she is ready to accept her and she will get each and everything that she deserves but at first she should come there to live with her.

Anupama enters the house along with her daughter Anu and she gets shocked to see pakhi over there. Pakhi also gets shocked to see Anupama over there.

In the latest episode, Anu and Anupama travel in the auto and Anupama ask her whether she is happy traveling in the auto or not.

She says that she loves traveling in the auto because in Mumbai she used to travel a lot in the auto. She gets excited.Anu asks Anupama why her children do not stay with her.

Anupama says that actually her children has grown older now and that’s why they stay alone. She tells that it is also good because they have to house.

She tells her that whenever she feels that she is not liking the food made by her she can go to Kinjal house and have food over there.

The upcoming episode of Star Plus release of Anupama will be very interesting. Stay tuned to us for the latest news and updates of the show.

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