Starplus Anupama Ep 618,1st July 2022 :Anuj and Anupama cute romance


Anupama tells that rakhi has also the right over the baby. She asks her to do with the rituals at first. Rakhi gets happy and she do the rituals.

She whispers that the baby must become like her and not like the members of the family. Leela tells that the baby will become like their family are not like her.

Both of them start arguing Anupama gets angry . Anupam metals both of them to continue the argument as they have lots of time to complete the rituals.

Both of them understand their mistake and apologize to her. She warns both of them that of them should not behave like this anymore.

Pakhi gets emotional doing the rituals:

Anupama asks Pakhi to come and do the ritual of the baby shower ceremony she gets emotional seeing Kinjal. Anupama also asks Ankush and Barkha to do the ritual both of them do the ritual and give the presents to Kinjal.

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Kinjal tells that there was no need to bring so many gifts for her Barkha tells that there Kapadia’s and they do not gift only fruits and flowers. Anupama explains how a mother always takes care of the baby.

Jignesh says that everyone has been very serious and they have spoken in a very serious manner and now they should begin with the fun. He asks Anuj and Anupama imitate Kavya and vanraj.

Anuj and Anupama imitates Vanraj and Kavya

Anuj imitates vanraj and tells that he is the grandfather of the child and he’s not able to stay in the baby shower ceremony but we will make it sure then when he comes back to the house we will tell only one thing that is vanraj shah is back.

Everyone starts laughing Leela says that she should not go beyond this. Then Anupama imitates Kavya.Later on, Anupama goes to the room to bring the pillow for Kinjal.

Anuj gets romantic with Anupama:

Anupama finds Anuj standing in front of her she asks him that what is he doing over there he says that she wants Revenge she remembers what has she done with him.

She says that the house is full of family members and relatives and they can’t to all this over here. Anuj and Anupama both hug each other.

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