Kundali Bhagya New Episode 1st July 2022 Promo

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 1st July 2022 Promo: Anjali finds that Arjun is looking at the projector and he is Seeing all the pictures of Preeta. Arjun tells her that preeta has a beautiful face but the reality is something else.

Anjali says that she wished that all the Enemies come tomorrow in the auction. Arjun tells that he has one more than me and the name of the animation is Prithvi Malhotra. Anjali feels bad for him.

On the other hand Prithvi returns home and Sherlyn open the door. He asks her to give a glass of water she says that she is not a servant.

Prithvi says ok then he will go and take the water he stands up to go to the kitchen when the money that he had stolen falls down.

Sherlyn goes and gathers the money and says that it has been a long time since she has seen so much money. She says that she would like to eat basmati rice and buy some makeup.

Prithvi says that all this will not be happening he says that he will be going to buy the bat of Karan Luthra in the upcoming auction.

Sherlyn ask him whether he has gone mad she says that what will he do after buying all this stuff. He says that after buying all those things he will be burning all those things in front of the Luthra family.

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He runs away with the money after seeing that the police are coming to arrest him. On the other hand the next day Preeta and Rishabh goes for the option.

Rishabh and Preeta goes for the auction:

Rishabh and Preeta gets emotional thinking about the auction. Prithvi also reaches the hotel he says that he has came to this five-star hotel after a long time.

The security guard asks him to stay away and tell him that he can’t enter because he does not have the ID. He shows the money to him.

The security guard says that he wants to speak to the owner and then he will let him know. He goes and tells Sameer about Prithvi.

Sameer thinks that maybe he is a die heart and asks a security guard to let him enter the option. Prithvi enters the hotel and thinks that the day is very lucky for him.

Preeta gets emotional seen the pictures of Karan:

On the other hand, Preeta gets emotional saying the pictures of Karan she remembers the sweet moments that she has spent with Karan.

Rishabh comes over and asks her whether she is happy. Preeta tells him that a Karan would have been very happy if you would have been alive at that point of time.

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