[NEW TWIST] Anupama Episode 2nd July 2022: Rakhi tries to manipulate Barkha

Anupama Episode 2nd July 2022:Barkha tells rakhi that kinjal is very pretty. Rakhi says Anupama is also pretty. She tells that Anupama is the owner of the Kapadia family.

Rakhi says that it is a bit weird because Barkha is the daughter-in-law of that house and she should be the owner of the Empire. Barkha says that doesn’t matter.

Anupama Episode 2nd July 2022

She tells Barkha about all the things that happened with shah she also tells her about the relationship between Malvika and vanraj.

Rakhi tells her that now Anupama is a part of their family so she is telling only her. She also adds that Anuj is mad at Anupama.

Anupama and Anuj look at each other. Rakhi says Anuj is crazy in Anupama’s love. Barkha tries to avoid her she tells her that each and every family has problems.

Rakhi tells that Anupama is a bit different. She says that Anupama wants Anuj, Vanraj, Kapadia, and Shah too. Anupama comes there and tells that if she wants everything what is the problem.

Anupama comes and asks what is wrong what if she is trying to balance her relationship. She calls everyone for starting the function.

In the latest episode it is in Anupama gets angry on Rakhi and Leela because of their argument. She asked them to continue the argument because they can celebrate the function later on.

Both of them understand their mistake and apologize to her. Then everyone starts with the rituals. Everyone give their good wishes to Paritosh and Kinjal and their upcoming baby.

Anuj and Anupama get close to each other. Anupama asks him what is he doing over there he says that he wants revenge.

Anupama says that the house is full of relatives and family members and she can’t do all this over here. Both of them stairs at each other and gets romantic.

The makers of the show are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode. Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show.

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