New Update! Zee TV Kundali Bhagya -Will preeta identify karan?

The Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya is coming up with new and interesting twist in the upcoming episodes. A new character named Arjun has been introduced in the show.

The show has also taken a leap of 5 years. In the recent track it is is being seen that Karan is not in the show. And Arjun has been introduced as Karan in the show.

Preeta and the whole family goes to attend the party which Arjun has kept for all of them. Arjun also decides to reveal the truth in front of everyone.

Kundali Bhagya

He tells Anjali that he will be telling everyone how is she was brutally killed by Rishabh and Preeta. And he used to love both the persons very much.

Anjali does a dance performance in front of everyone. Arjun comes down the stairs when Preeta watches him and she gets emotional she gets a Flashback of Karan.

She tells Rishabh that it is Karan but ultimately she gets to know that it is an imagination and the truth is not that. On the other hand, the Rakhi gets very emotional over there.

Rakhi she starts crying Arjun goes to her and he takes blessings from her. Mahesh comes and asks both of them why both of they are crying and why are they emotional.

She tells that she got emotional because Arjun came over there and she I understood that he intentionally dropped his phone so that he can touch the feet.

Mahesh gives his blessing to Arjun he tells that he does not know him so much but still he feels as if he has a relationship with him.

Later on Preeta tells Rishabh that she is not feeling well over there and she is feeling extremely uncomfortable and she wants to leave the party.

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Arjun overhears the conversation and he comes over there he tells her that she can’t leave from there because she is his wife of Karan.

Kritika meets Arjun and tells him that she did not think that she will be meeting him again so fast. He gives his personal card to her and tells that he has their personal number over there and she can call him at any time.

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