Hotstar Anupama 11th July 2022 “NEW TWIST”: Anuj meet Anupama to tell her something

Anupama 11th July 2022:Anupama upcoming story will be very interesting .anuj and Anupama meets at a cafe and Anuj tells Anupama that he has something to say to him.

Anupama asks him what he want to say to her he tells her that actually, he wanted to say to her that if something happens to him then she should remember something.

She gets shocked to hear this she gets afraid. Anuj tells her it is life and anything can happen at any time and that’s why he wanted to tell her all these things.

anupama 11th july 2022

Anuj tells that she should not ever give the power of attorney to anyone. He tells that the ownership of the business, as well as the house, is given to her.

He tells her that in any condition and under any circumstances, she should not give them to anyone because it is life and anything can happen.

Anupama gets emotional after hearing this she tell him that nothing will happen to him and he will never leave her. At that moment a mirror falls down and breaks Anupama stands up and starts screaming.

A lot of interesting twists will be seen in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. The makers of the show are coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is giving the audience of the show tune to the show.

The show has been always in the top five TRP list and has always given lots of entertainment to the audience. In return, the audience has always given love to the show and the show has been always been in the top position.[Also Read | Hotstar Anupama S01 Episode 626-11 July 2022]

Anupama finds Pakhi and Adhik in the cafe:

In the latest episode, It is seen that how Anupama finds that pakhi and Adhik both are meeting Each Other alone in the cafe.

She gets very angry on Adhik she goes into the cafe and joins them she asks them what is going on over there and she also has Pakhi that what is she doing over there.

Later vanraj richest the cafe and Anupama tell him not to create a scene in front of everyone. Vanraj tells her that instead of making them understand she is helping them to do all these things.

Anupama tells him to leave the hand of Pakhi but he does not listen and he tells that he will be taking her with him.

Later on, they reach home and Leela gets to know what has happened in the cafe she gets angry on Anupama and asks whether she can do anything over there.

She asks what could she have done in the cafe Leela tells that she would have given a tight slap to both of them in the cafe for doing all this.

Anupama says that all the problems does not have the same solution .

Vanraj tells that he can slap and he will teach how to behave with girls. Paritosh also gets angry on Adhik and he tells that he will beat Adhik if he finds him near his sister.

Anupama asks him to keep quiet she tells him that he is going to be a father and now he should get to know how to behave.

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