Will Preeta fall in love with Arjun?-Kundali Bhagya Update

Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya is coming up with a new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience don’t to the show.

Kundali Bhagya episode 11 July 2022:

Arjun saves Preeta from falling down. Preeta thinks that it is Rishabh. Arjun tells her that it is not visible but it is Karan Luthra’s fan Arjun Suryavanshi.

Rishabh comes there and asks her whether she is absolutely fine or not she says that she is ok. Arjun says that some people have the tendency to fall.

He tells that preeta also has the tendency to fall and that’s why she was falling down. Rishabh asks him to behave. He tells that he is keeping quiet because he is at a party.

Kundali Bhagya

Arjun tells Preeta that she has the habit of falling down anywhere and anytime. Preeta remembers that the house used to fall down and how Karan used always save her each and every time.

She also agrees with him and tells that she has the habit of losing her balance and falling down. On the other hand, Srishti gets angry with Sameer and asks him what was he doing with Anjali.

He tells that he does not have any relationship with Anjali but still, she is not believing him. Both of them start arguing with each other . Kareena comes and tell them to keep quiet.

Preeta look outside the window and she gets emotional and Rishabh comes there.She tells him that there is no need of explaining anything about Arjun.

She tells that she knows very well how is the person and she does not want any explanation for it and she does not have any problem with it.

Preeta tells that actually he is absolutely wearing that dress like Karan use toward and maybe that is the only reason she is feeling uncomfortable in front of him in the party.

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