Meet S01 Ep 309-25th July 2022:Meet Proposes Manjari


Meet tries to make Manjuri understand that he has already understood that actually, she is his wife. He applies Nail Paint on her nails.

Suddenly he tells everyone that he is ready to get married again. Rajvardhan after hearing this gets shocked but he gets happy at the same time.

He says that he was always thinking that the good time of the house will return and now it has returned and he is extremely happy and he starts dancing.

Manjuri starts thinking that why is meet doing all this. On the other hand meeting things that it is only way he can bring out the truth in front of everyone that manjuri is actually meet.

She calls Manushi and tells that the other day she was telling that she is like her friend and now she is in a problem so she must help her.

Manushi tells that she is always ready to help her and asked her about the problem that she is facing. Manjuri tells her that actually meet has proposed her for marrying him.

She tells that she could not tell anything in front of the family because Rajvardhan was also very happy after hearing the news.

Manushi asks her to come to her house and meet her. She tells her that she will help her out. Meet hooda the gets very excited because you would be able to meet her mother and grandmother.

She reaches the house and starts thinking that her mother and grandmother is standing. But Manushi comes over there and tell her to come inside the house.

Manjuri tells Manushi that she wants to meet her mother but Anubha tells Manushi that she does not want to meet anyone except her daughter meet.

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