Starplus Anupama 25th July 2022: Anupama tries to make Pakhi understand


Anupama 25th July 2022: Anuj and Anu play together Anuj gets emotional Anupama peeps into the room and she also gets emotional she thinks someone other always gets emotional.

But a father gets emotional very really. Adhik tells Pakhi that he will go to her house and will bring the clothes for her so that she can be comfortable over there.

He goes away from their Barkha tells Pakhi that she has learnt new nail art and she can do some nail hurt for her. Anu, Anuj and Anupama spend time together.

Anu serves tea to Anuj and Anupama then she says that they should share things and she goes from there to give that thing to everyone.

Anuj apologize to Anupama and tells that in front of everyone he could not tell Parker that she should not stay over there that’s why he never told her no.

Anupama says that she can understand that thing it’s ok.Vanraj reaches the house Kavya ask hims what is he doing. She asks him to come inside the house and she will prepare some tea for him.

Kavya tells him that he should not worry about her because she will come back to the house and he should not take tension about that.

On the other hand Anupama goes to Pakhi and asks her whether she will be taking some cold coffee. Pakhi tells that Barkha has already given had some cold coffee.

Anupama makes her understand that for now she can’t stay over they are not because she does not want and not because I know it does not want but it is because of her father.

She reminds her how her father gets angry at every simple thing and if he Learns that she wants to stay at that house then he will be very angry with her.

Barkha supports pakshi she says that if Anupama is thinking that she can’t take care of Baki because of Anu then it is wrong because she is there to take care of her.

Anupama is that all of them know that why are they doing all this and it is not about them it is about vanraj Barkha says that Baki is already asking him.

Vanraj learns that Adhik is in the house he comes over there and asks him to go to his own house and he will take the clothes for his daughter.

Pakhi misunderstands Anupama and tells her that actually Anupama does not want her to stay at that house. Anupama repeatedly tries to make her understand but fails.

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