Kundali Bhagya:NEW UPDATE! Preeta realizes her mistake

Kundali Bhagya

Kareena blames Preeta for her act. She tells her that she should not behave like this with the person who has saved the life of Rishabh.

Samar supports Preeta and tells that they should not put pressure on her because she is already very much stressed.

Kareena goes and asks him whether he is using his own brain or not because he does not have any brand and she feels like it is Srishti who has taught him all this.

Mahesh asks Kareena to stop behaving like this because they are in a hospital and Rishabh is in the hospital.

The doctor comes and tells them that Rishabh has got back his senses and they can go and speak to him. They get into the room and they get emotional.

Kareena goes and hugs Rishabh bani says that Kareena was Angry outside the room and now she is having Rishabh. She says that actually Karan the loves both Karan and Rishabh very much.

Arjun returns home and finds that Janki is sitting in the room he gets emotional seeing her and remembers the all moments with her.

He goes and calls her girlfriend. Janki asks him not to tell that she says that she is only his girlfriend of Karan. She says that she can’t understand what happened to her.

Janki tells that she came there to scold him that he should not torture Preeta anymore but now she is getting emotional.

Arjun and Jhanki both become friends. Janki tells him that Snigdha is behind him and he should not stay with her because she does not like the girl.

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