Anupama episode 27th July 2022 sneak peek: OMG! Vanraj reaches the Kapadia house


Anupama episode 27th July 2022 sneak peek: A lot of Twist is happening in the Star Plus daily soap Anupama. Adhik comes back from the Shah house and tells everyone that he has gone to the Shore house.

Anupama asks what did vanraj tell him. He says that he said nothing to him. Anuj ask skin that why did he go over there.

Before he could tell anything vanraj comes over there and tells that he has came over there to take back her daughter to his own house.

He tells pakhi to come with him to the house. But he does not listen to him and says that she will be not going with him.

This thing irritates him. Ankush ask him to speak politely.Vanraj asks Ankur that what will he do if the same thing happens with his daughter.

Anuj asks both of them to stop shouting at each other and ask vanraj how to go inside the house with Pakhi and speak to her and solve the matter as soon as possible.

Vanraj says that he is not there to do all this he tells that he wants pakhi to come with him. He also raises questions on the character of Anupama.

Anupama tells Pakhi to go back to the house she tells that she can come there and stay later on but for now she should go back.

After a lot of arguments Pakhi decides to go to their house. While leaving she tells Anupama that life is very unpredictable and it can happen that she can come to that house forever and she can do nothing.

On the other hand in Leela blames Kavya for all that has happened she tells her that she has done the mistake because she should not have hidden the fact that Adhik and there.

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