Anupama 27th July 2022 Promo Alert: Anupama gets a bad dream


Anupama decide said she will never let her children to go away from her. She gets a very bad dream she imagines that everyone is leaving her alone.

In the dream she clicks on the photo and then finds that no one is there in the photo except her she gets shocked to see that and she gets scared.

She gets puzzled seeing this she finds that Anuj has come to her she tells him to stay with her and not to leave her ever.

But Anuj also leaves her hand and goes away from their Anupama gets right and she thinks that she has lost everything and everyone. And she starts screaming.

In the latest episode It is seen that vanraj it reaches the Kapadiya house and tells that he has come there to take her daughter back to his house.

Ankush tell him to keep quiet and to handle the matter calmly. But vanraj continued to shout at him. Anuj tell both of them to keep quiet.

Vanraj says that he won’t let her daughter become like Anupama he raises questions on the character of Anupama. He tells that Anupama is to stay with Anuj before marriage.

Anupama makes the thing clear that she used to love and that’s why she used to stay with Anuj. Anuj feels very bad after hearing this.

Anupama tells Pakhi to go along with her father and to stop the problems over there. Pakhi both from there but before leaving she tells that life is unpredictable.

Pakhi tells her that anything can happen at any moment she also tells Anupama that if she comes to the house forever she can do nothing.

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