Kundali Bhagya: Anjali asks, why Rishab did not marry Preeta?

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 13th July 2022: Preeta tells Arjun that she clearly knows what is he trying to do. She tells him that he cant become like Karen if he wants to act like him and tries to behave like him.

She tells him that she it has seen his room and everything is like Karan. Arjun tells that everything is like Karan only one thing is different which is the face.

Preeta says that she feels like he is obsessed with Karan. She adds that Arjun’s face will be different no matter what. Preeta tells him that he is actually a psycho fan of Karan.

She is about to leave the room when she stops because by mistake arjun steps on her saree and the saree tears. Arjun tells her that he will give her many sarees.

Preeta goes back to the flashback and she remembers that have Karan once did the same thing and Karan gave her 5 duppatas to her when he torned her 1 duppata.

She Goes away from there on the other hand Rishabh asks Srishti that where is Preeta and where has he gone because he can’t find her. Shristi says that she thought that she was with him.

Then she tells him about Sameer and his behaviour she tells that she was thinking that Sameer is having extra affair with someone. Rishabh tell that both of them love each other and that is the most important thing.

Srishti thinks that she must go and keep the mobile in place before Samar could understand that she has taken the mobile. Rishabh meets Preeta she tells him that she has visited the room of arjun.

She tells that each and everything in his room is like Karan and it is unbelievable. He tries to calm her down. Rishab takes arjun to a side and tell him what is he doing.

He tells her that he is absolutely up kid like Karan. Arjun asks him that why he did not marry Preeta. Rishab tells that he can’t answer this question.

Preeta speaks to Anjali and tells her that she should not work for Arjun. Anjali asks her that’s why she got married to Rishabh. She says that she will not answer this kind of questions.

Srishti tries to put the mobile phone into the pocket of Sameer when Anjali comes there and create some misunderstanding between both of them.

Preeta takes Srishti from there. On the other hand beeji spends time with Kavya she thinks that she is absolutely like her father Karan.

Kavya tells that she is missing her parents she calls Rishabh and tells that Beeji is angry at him. Arjun hears that and gets angry on preeta.

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