Kundali Bhagya :NEW TWIST! Rishab Gets Angry On Arjun

Preeta tells Arjun that he wants to behave like Karan but it is impossible. She tells him that he can try to behave like him but can never become like him.

She tells him that he has gone to his romance scene each and everything over there and he has copy teacher and everything like Karan.

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta says that everything he can copy but one thing he can never copy that is the face. Arjun says that the only difference between him and Karan is the face.

She tells him that he thinks that he is a psycho fun of Karan and nothing else she goes to leave the room when he steps on to her saree.

And the saree tears he tells her that he will bring more sorry for her and she feels that how Karan used to tell the same thing to him.

She thinks that why he can’t control himself behaving like current when he is Arjun now.Later Rishabh gets to know from Preeta What has happened in the room and he gets angry on Arjun.

He goes and takes Arjun to a side and tells him that he is disturbing Preeta and behaving like a child Arjun asks him why he did not marry her.

Rishabh says that he should not believe the information that is provided on social media. On the other hand, asks Anjali why she work for Arjun.

Anjali calls Arjun and remind him that he has an important announcement to make at 9:30 and he should make it. And she leaves from there.

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