Anupama Big Update: Anuj and Anupama excited to become parents


Anupama 12th July 2022: Adhik comes there and tells because that she should not take the anxiety pills because it is destroying her. She tells him to reveal the truth because she is getting anxious because of him.

He tells about the incident that has occurred in the cafe and barkha gets shocked after hearing that from him she could not believe that this has happened over there.

Adhik tells her that he wants to marry Pakhi he tells his plan to her and tells that once she will marry Pakhi she will come to that house. And everyone knows that Anupama loves her daughter very much.

He tells after this Barkha will have the control of Anupama in her hand because for the sake of Pakhi Anupama will be agreeing to do anything.

Sara overhears the planning and she gets angry on both of them she enters the room and tells that they are learning the things against the family members and that is wrong.

She tells that she is going to Anuj and Anupama and she will be revealing the truth to both of them about their Evil plans. She goes out of the room to tells Anuj and Anupama.

Barkha comes there and begs her to keep quiet and not to tell anything to anyone.Sara asks her not to create evil strategies against Pakhi and Anu. 

Anuj and Anupama come soon there and asks why are both of them fighting and what is the issue over there. Barkha changes the topic instantly.Sara loses her calm and goes to her room.

Then Anupama informs Ankush and Barkha about Anuj’s accident.Then they tell Ankush and Barkha that they need to go to Mumbai. Anuj and Anu then reveal that they have a surprise for them.

Anuj and Anu get excited to become parents. They discuss plans about how to make her feel comfortable at home. Anuj gets happy thinking that there will be someone who will call him dad.

Kinjal feels uneasy and urges Anu to come home.Anupama goes to the shah house and calm down kinjal. Vanraj comes there and tells them that Anu has another family to take care of so the others will be there for her.

Anupama tells everyone that anuj and she are going to give them a new surprise.Anu meets Anuj at home and expresses her excitement.

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