Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 8th July 2022 Promo Update

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ashwini makes sai understand that she should not be tensed because it will affect the bay.Virat comes there to speak to her.

But he leaves seeing her condition. Sai shares her worry with him stating that she isn’t able to accept Pakhi as her surrogate.

Virat asks her to accept the truth and reminds her how much she tried to make geeta the surrogate but she failed.

He tell that maybe it is a sign from the god that pakhi is the best surrogate for them.She cries expressing her pain, while he comforts her and tells that the baby will always belongs to them.

Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 9th July 2022: Pakhi finds that sai and Virat are together. Pakhi comes there and sees this and feels jealous.

She tells Virat that she is missing Samrat and now she wants to hug him. He gets shocked to hear this. Sai tells that from now whenever she will miss Samrat she can come and hug her.

Pakhi goes away from there . Sai replies that Pakhi wants to get Virat’s attention.Virat tells that she is again douting Pakhi.

Sai tells that she wants to come close to him and she won’t let that happen. She tells that only women understand another woman.

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