Kundali Bhagya [New Twist] :OH NO! Arjun stops Preeta from leaving

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta tells rishab that they should wait for each other and they should enter the party altogether. All the Luthra’s come and they enter the party.

Suddenly the lights go off.Mahesh tells that maybe there is some problem.Anjali comes and starts dancing and then Arjun comes down.

Preeta gets shocked she thinks it is Karan and she gets emotional and tells that it is Karan. Rishab gets surprised but then she realizes she is wrong as it is not Karan.

Everyone claps for Anjali’s performance. Then Arjun comes there and tells that he did not expect that preeta will come to the party.

The press comes and arjun tells that he is a big fan of karan luthra so when he bought the bat of karan he decided to do the party.

He tells them to wait for the time. He says that he will announce a thing at 9:30 and they must be there.Preeta feels bad and goes from there.

Rakhi gets emotional thinking about her son, she starts crying. She goes in your door and thinks that her son will be back. Arjun thinks that she is very sad but she does not know that he is her son.

He goes to her and drops his mobile intentionally so that he can touch her feet. Both of them gets emotional Mahesh comes and asks that what is going on.

Rakhi says that Arjun intentionally drops the phone so that he can touch the feet. On the other hand Preeta tells Rishab that she wants to go home.

Arjun says that she can’t go home. He tells that she has to be in the party because he is an important member over there.

Preeta says that she is tired. He tells that he has brought us for her because she understood that she is tired. But she refused sentences you don’t want to drink it.

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