Bhagya Lakshmi Shocking Update: OMG! Rishi catches Balwinder

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi Shocking Update: Rishi decides to clean the image of Lakshmi before she goes away from that house. He decides to learn the truth about what has happened.

Rishi tries to take his phone number from his mobile of Lakshmi. He acts as if he is taking a photo on his mobile and then he tells that his phone battery is dead.

But he actually takes the number from her phone and then he tells her that he is interested in taking any photo anymore.

Rishi catches Balwinder:

Later on malishka tells her other the truth that she is the person who have taken the help of balwinder and she has given him money to all this.

Her mother says that she has done a great mistake because after rishi gets to know the truth he will not allow her to enter his life.

Malishka says that she wanted to get rishi fat so she did all this and now she is trapped in her own plan and now she cants even understand what will happen.

Rishi catches balwinder and brings him home he tells him that he is not the person behind the mess but there is some more behind all this.

Malishka goes to the Oberoi and sees that everyone is looking at her .She gets shocked and finds that it is balwinder over there.

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