Kundali Bhagya – July 08, 2022, Sneak Peek: Arjun saves preeta from falling

Kundali Bhagya 08 July 2022

Kundali Bhagya – July 08, 2022:Arjun announce to everyone that he will now introduce Anjali. Anjali tells that she is his personal secretary of Arjun.

He then says that now he will show them the things that he has collected. He opens the curtain. Everyone sees the collection and feels good.

One of the reporters asks why did he keep the background red. Arjun tells that the colors show the blood’s red color of Karan.

Later on, Preeta and Shrishti speaks to each other. Preeta tells that she is not feeling good and she wants to go home. Arjun comes there.

He gives a glass of water to her and she gets angry and tells him that she does not need the water. Shristi tells that her sister is sometimes angry.

Preeta tells her that there is no need to call arjun sir. Arjun remembers the old moments and he gets emotional. Arjun tells that Shristi is intelligent.

Then Arjun meets rishab and tells him to be friends. Rishab says that he is thought that they are already friends. Arjun sees the watch on his wrist.

Rishab tells that Karan gave her that watch and he always keeps it with him. He tells Karan told him that the watch will bring a good time for him.

Arjun goes to fall but he saves him. The watch falls down and Arjun tells that maybe from now his bad time has begun. Rishab tells that Karan gave the watch to him with love.

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