Mx Player Aashram Season 3 Episode 5: Sonia and Baba Nirala get close to each other

aashram season 3

MX Player is coming up with new and interesting content. And one of the most watched web series on MX Player is the series of aashram.

The makers of the show have recently came up with the third season of the show after the immense success of the second and the first season.

A new character named Sonia has entered the show. Actor Isha Gupta has performed the character of Sonia in the show.

Aashram season 3 episode 5:

Sonia gets to present her idea in front of all the members. One of the members tells her that it is useless telling all this planning to them.

He tells that she should present the idea to Baba Nirala because he is the one who will be giving the permission.

Sonia feels humiliated in she goes inside the room. Hukum Singh follows her and asks her that she should not get disappointed.

He tells her that he is the cm and he can do anything. She tells him that it is useless because if you want to go to the washroom we have to take permission from Baba Nirala.

Sonia tells him that he is the CM but he does not have any powers. She tells that she will be dealing with all this and he should not get into all this now.

Later she meets Baba Nirala at his Ashram and tries to manipulate him. Baba nirala and Sonia spends time with each other and they get close to each other.

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