Anupama Serial New Twist : Anuj and Anupama gets ready to adopt a child

Anuj gets a call from his friend and his friend tells him that they can now take anu from his orphanage.He tells the news to Anupama. Anupama gets excited and she gets happy.

anupama serial

She tell that he has told the right that good news coming she gets excited. Both of them gets so much happy that they start dancing after hearing the news.

Sara and Samar come into the dance academy and finds that both of them are dancing together both of them also get excited and they think there is good news for them.

Both of them also started dancing Seeing Anuj and Anupama. They ask them to tell that what is the news. They also tell them that they will not tell anyone.

But Anuj and Anupama tell that they will not tell them now and they will be announcing to the family all together. Samar she is that we can prepare Anupama at home.

But they say that they will go home but they have work to be done before going home. Sara asks Samar what can be the news that both of them are so happy and excited.

On the other hand, vanraj brings coffee for Kavya. She gets impressed to see him doing so much for her. Vanraj tells that she was right he was on the wrong path.

He tells her that he was losing her daughter.Vanraj tells that actually he does not like Anuj. But the truth is that I know she is a very good human being but he can’t say the same for the family.

Vanraj tells that he feels that something is suspicious about the other members of the family and he does not think that Ankush, Barkha and Adhik are human beings that they try to show from outside.

He adds that Pakhi is a little girl and now he is impressed by the lifestyle of the boy and she has started giving her life with him.

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