Kundali Bhagya upcoming episode Big twist:OH NO! Will Arjun kill Preeta to take revenge?

A very big twist will be happening in the upcoming episode of Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya. The makers are coming up with a new twist in the upcoming episodes.

Kundali Bhagya

According to the promo. Arjun gets angry and he decides to take the revenge on Preeta for what she has done to him. He misunderstands her he thinks that it is she who has killed him.

He tells Anjali that now he will take revenge on Preeta and then he will happy. He goes to Preet and asks her whether she wants to see Karan.

Preeta gets emotional hearing this she thinks that it is real that Arjun will make her meet Karan Arjun gives his hand to Preeta. And asks her to come with him.

She holds his hand and Arjun drags her towards him he hugs him. Preeta starts feeling awkward over there and she tries to get out from there.

She asks Arjun that what is he doing over there and why is him is behaving with her. Arjun takes out a knife in front of her and she gets shocked to see that.

A lot of these will be happening in the upcoming episode of kundali Bhagya. In the latest episode Arjun asks Preeta whether you would like to dance with him or not.

She tells that she does not want to dance with him and do anything with him. He insists her and tells that she should dance at least for the sake of the fans of Karan.

Preeta agrees to him and both of them goes onto the stage and starts dancing everyone enjoys the performance when protesters feeling that it is the same way that Karan used to dance with her.

She gets emotional and dancing with him but after some time she feels that Arjun is trying to tell her something. Arjun asks her whether Karan and Preeta is to dance like the same way.

Preeta remember that how can use to dance with her with the bat she gets emotional she turns around and gives a tight slap on his face and tells that he is misbehaving with her.

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