Zee TV Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story Update-Will Karan come back?

Kundali bhagya 29th June 2022

Kundali bhagya 29th June 2022:The new promo has been released on youtube. Arjun meets kavya and asks her name.

She answers that her name is The Kavya Luthra. He remembers how he used to tell his name. Arjun gets emotional meeting her.

He asks her what is the name of her father she tells that her father’s name is Rishabh Luthra and he gets shocked to know that Rishabh and Preeta both are having a child.

She gets angry and he decides to take revenge on both of them at first he decides to take revenge on Rishabh and he decides that he will snatch away the hotel deal from him.

Then it is seen that Arjun comes in front of Rishabh and Preeta. And Rishabh gets angry with him and tells him that the thing that he has done is not right. Arjun tells that thing that Rishabh has done is also not right.

Will Karan be back?

Is Arjun really karan or there is some other story?

On the other hand, Prithvi finds news about Karan in the newspaper and he got shocked to know that he is still alive. He feels tensed because he was the one who had killed him.

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In the latest track, it is seen that Rishabh starts thinking about that who can be the person who was keeping an eye on Preeta and Kavya. He decides to bring out the truth so that he can keep them secure.

On the other hand, Anjali tries to figure out where is Arjun but she fails She Goes and reports to the police station the police inspector tells her that he won’t be able to register a complaint because it is not 24 hours.

The next day rishab speaks on the call. Preeta gets angry and tells that everyone should be on the dining table and should have their meals together.

Rishabh says that everyone has already finished their breakfast and they should go for their work. Rakhi tells suggested that Kavya is exactly like Karan she has the same attitude like Karan.

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