Anupama 30th June 2022 Episode Promo Update: Vanraj gets angry

Anupama 30th June 2022

Anupama 30th June 2022: All the women start with the rituals of the baby shower ceremony. Everyone helps Kinjal to get ready. Anupama, and Barkha everyone danced around her to make her feel special.

They bring Kinjal to the hall, and everyone gets overwhelmed to see her. Paritosh and Kinjal sits beside each other. Anuj and Anupama dance rituals. Anuj does the rituals which was supposed to be done by vanraj.

Rakhi takes the opportunity to make a clash between Anuj and vanraj she calls vanraj and on the video call, she shows that Anuj is doing the rituals with Kinjal and Paritosh along with the family.

Vanraj gets shocked to see that he feels hurt. He feels bad for himself that he could not attend the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal. Father Rakhi tries to make him angry and tells him that he is unlucky that he is not over there.

She tells that he will be the grandfather of the upcoming child but the thing is that all the rituals that he should have done is being done by Anuj. Vanraj gets angry watching and hearing all this. Leela tries to stop her from saying all this.

But Rakhi keeps trying to make him angry. She tells vanraj that when Anuj is doing the rituals on behalf of him then after the birth of the child He will become the grandfather of the child.Vanraj gets angry hearing this.

In the latest episode, It is seen that Anupama welcomes the Kapadiya family to their house. Leela also welcomes them. Anupama introduces Rakhi and Barkha. She wishes that everything stays ok and there is no problem during the ceremony.

Ankush tells that it feels like he has come to Gujarat and the house is very nice. Sara also tells the house is very nice and she is loving it over there. Pakhi and Adhik stare at each other. Anupama prays to God that everything must be fine.

Rakhi tell that there is a lot of difference between Anupama and Barkha and no one will tell that both of them are the daughter in-laws of the same house. Anuj gives a good reply to her and tells that even no one will tell that Rakhi and Kinjal share a mother and daughter relation.

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