Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 29th June 2022 Spoiler Alert

Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 29th June 2022

Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 29th June 2022:Pakhi goes to meet Virat at his office and tells him that she does not want to hurt anyone.

She tries to make him realize she is just trying to help them. She tries to manipulate him and make him realize that she is changed.

She tells that she thought of starting a new life with Samrat but after the incident, everything has changed and she has lost everything.

Pakhi says that in this situation she wants to help both of them Virat and sai in the surrogacy she also tell that she doesn’t have any bad intentions and just wanted to have a feeling of becoming a mother.

Virat says that he can understand what she wants to tell but he can force his wife for surrogacy. He says that he has given the choice to sai to choose their surrogate, while Pakhi holds his hand and keeps requesting him.

Virat asks her to remove her hand, but she does not leave his hand. Sai finds that patralekha is holding the hand of Virat. She gets angry and gets shocked seeing the scenario.

She shouts at Pakhi. Pakhi immediately leaves his hand of Virat.Sai tells that Pakhi has showed her true colors over there. She denies all the allegations of Sai and states that she was just requesting Virat.

Virat stops sai and tells that she was speaking to him about this surrogacy,Sai gets furious and reminds Pakhi about her decision.

She proclaims that she won’t accept Pakhi as their surrogate,sai tells that she has already told that to her. Pakhi asks whether she has given up the idea of surrogacy then.

Sai replies that she has already found a surrogate who is ready to help them. She tells Virat about Geeta who has agreed to be the surrogate.

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