Star Plus Anupama upcoming episode 21st june 2022 sneak peek

Anupama upcoming episode 21st june 2022: Anupama plays with the children. Anuj comes there and both of them dance together in front of everyone.

Kinjal goes to keep the glass when she falls down and start screaming. Anupama get shocked to see her and she also starts screaming.

Anupama upcoming episode 21st june 2022

A lot of twists and turns will be happening in the upcoming episode of Star Plus daily soap Anupama.

In the latest episode It is seen that Anupama gets ready to go to her dance academy. Barkha tells her that now she should maintain her standards.

She tells her that now she is no more a simple lady. Anupama says that she wants to be a simple lady and she explains that how it is important for every lady to have her own identity.

Sara tells that she is also the answer and she also wants to go with Anupama and join the dance class. Barkha gets surprised to see her.

On the other hand vanraj tells samar that he wants to work in the dance academy because the cafe is closed.

Samar tells that he is ready but first he need to ask Anupama about this.Vanraj says that he does not think that Anupama will be coming over there anymore.

Vanraj says that Anupamaa belongs to a big house and she will not come to this places. Anupama comes over there at that moment and he gets surprised.

She tells that Sara will also be apart of the dance academy from now. She says that she will be also working as an intern over there.

On the other hand Barkha tells that Adhik should try to get close with Anuj. GK overhears conversation and he feels bad.

Barkha tells that he should ask before coming. GK says that it is the hall and he can knock the door was there.

Barkha tell Adhik that if this time Ankush fails in the business then he will be taking over the business. He agrees to do everything for heart. [Starplus Anupama S01 Ep609-21st June 2022:Will kinjal lose her baby?]

Anuj and Ankush returns from the office Anuj says that it was a long and tiring day. Ankush tells that but he could not help him much.

He says that it happens it is the first day so he will take some time to adjust with the office. Ankush felt that he is afraid that he does not fail anymore.

Anuj asks him what is speaking about he says actually he failed in his college days and from then he is scared of failing.

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