Anupama hotstar episode 20th June update

anupama hotstar episode

Anupama goes and visits the shah house everyone gets excited to see her over there. Anupama takes the blessings from the elders.

She asks Kinjal about her health and how is she doing.Sara asks Kinjal what is her due date. Leela says that it is not an electric bill and that it will have a due date.

She says that Sara came from US and she does not even know this. Everyone starts laughing. Kinjal explains to her that the day on which the doctor tells that there will be the delivery of the baby it is also known as the due date.

Sara tells everyone that the last they came but it could not celebrate much she says that a can do a party in the house.

She asks everyone to come with them and enjoy the time with them everyone gets shocked and keep quiet. Anupama also tells all of them to come to her place.

Vanraj goes to Anupama and whispers he tells her that she must understand. He tells her that they had a party the last day.

Anupama tells him that her children can come to her house anytime they want.Vanraj tells Anupama that pakhi has changed after she has came from that house.

Anupama says that she has also observed this and she will speak to her about this thing. Hasmukh watches Anupama and vanraj.

He tells that if the children want to go and visit Anupama’s house they can go but vanraj stops them and tells that they will not go over there.

Later on Barkha and Adhik returns from the party and finds that The Lights Are Off in the house. That is surprised to see over there that Anupama has brought her children.

Barkha gets Angry but Adhik holds her hand and asks her to keep quiet. Sara tells adhik that if he does not like the party then he can go to his room and play the video game.

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