Starplus Anupama S01 Ep609-21st June 2022:Will kinjal lose her baby?


Anupama 21st June 2022:Samar please give music and everyone starts dancing. Anuj Jain Ankush comes to the house and finds that everyone is doing party.

Anuj tells that they are not doing a right thing. Sara says that it is a party for the youngsters are not for the old men.

Anuj says that they are not old. He says that now he will show how a party is actually done. Anuj and Ankush starts dancing on Kajrare song.

Barkha watches all of them and enjoys . Samar says that sometimes burkha behaves like a normal woman.He tells that Barkha is nice but sometimes she irritates.

On the other hand Leela tell that now there is no point of getting angry.Vanraj ask what he could have done.

He says that Hasmukh give them permission to go then what could he do over there in this situation.later vanraj starts thinking about Pakhi.

Hasmukh comes there and consoles him he tells that everything will be alright and he should not worry about all this.

Vanraj tell that when children go away from the house it feels awkward. Anuj asks Pakhi to click picture for the social media.

Ankush goes and asks Barkha to join the party.Vanraj tell Hasmukh that he should get ready because are babies coming to their house.

Vanraj assures Bapuji that he will take care of Kinjal and adds that he cannot let her go to Rakhi Dave’s house.

Bapuji tells that decision should be made by Kinjal. Kinjal gets up to keep the glass in the kitchen and Barkha also gets up at the same time.[#trending | Anupama latest episode update: Sara joins Anupama’s dance academy]

Barkha loses her balance and accidentally pushes Kinajl due to which the latter falls down on her belly.Vanraj tells Kavya that something is wrong.

He says that something is not ok. Paritosh comes and inform him about the accident. On the other hand Anuj drives Kinjal to the hospital.

Barkha starts crying she tells that she has not done anything intentionally.Vanraj comes to the Kapadia house and shouts at her.

Ankush asks him to behave himself.Vanraj tell that now nothing will be fine in that house. Anupama returns home along with Kinjal.

Anupama breaks down in front of everyone and apologize .Vanraj asks Anupama that what has happened and what the doctor has told them .

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