Meet update Saturday episode 11th June 2022

Meet update Saturday episode 11th June 2022: it comes downstairs and finds that Babita is arranging something. And the whole house is being decorated.

She asks Babita what is going on in the house Babita says that it is the baby shower ceremony that will be celebrated. She asks her to get ready.

She shows the Jewelleries to her and says that whatever jewelry she finds comfortable to wear she can wear. Sunaina comes and says that the jewelry is beautiful.

She asks whether she can wear some jewelry from there or not Babita says that she can wear the jewelry. She takes the necklace from meet.

But the says that she should not wear that necklace and she can wear anything that she can’t wait for that necklace.

Meet finds that so nice upset after hearing this meet says that it doesn’t matter and she can wear the necklace.

Babita says that this is not possible because this is the jewellery of her mother-in-law. She says that when she was pregnant for the first time her mother-in-law give the jewellery to her.

Sunaina gets upset and she leaves from there. Later on, meet and meet ahlawat gets ready for the baby shower ceremony.

Meet and her husband starts arguing that what will their children become When they will grow big. The whole family gathers in the hall.

Isha and deep says that they have planned something very interesting for the family. Deep tells that all the men of the house will be doing a ramp walk in a manner that they are pregnant.

Everyone feels happy and everyone enjoys the time together. Babita announces that the winner of the ramp walk is Masoom’s husband.

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