Spoiler Alert! Bhagya Lakshmi Episode – 11th June 2022

Bhagya Lakshmi Episode

Rishi takes maliska to a side in the temple and asks what is she doing. He asks her why should be having like this in front of everyone.

She says that she has not done anything and Lakshmi is responsible for everything. Rishi says that he is fed up with her.

And he leaves from there. Manishka thinks that it is good that he loves her and not Lakshmi. Lakshmi and ahana comes out of the temple.

Lakshmi feels dizzy and she gets unconscious Rishi runs towards her and holds her. The take Lakshmi out of the temple and puts water on her face.

Lakshmi gets back her senses and asks what has happened ahana says that she got unconscious. Lakshmi starts thinking that how did she get unconscious suddenly.

She finds that a bigger is losing his balance and is about to fall down She Goes and helps him out. A lady comes and bless her.

The lady tells about the problem. She asks Lakshmi to save her husband from the problem. On the road back to home Lakshmi tells Rishi that she wants to get down from the car.

Rishi says that once he will leave them in the house they can do whatever they want and if he does not care.

Lakshmi says that it is not due to maliska she has some important work to be done and she must go to do that.

After getting down from the car she tells Rishi to go back home and she will come back on her own. Lakshmi call is the Pandit and tells what the lady has told her.

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