Kundali Bhagya New Promo :5 Years leap! Preeta gives birth to a baby girl

The upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya will be very interesting. The makers of the show are coming of with some new twist.

The show will be taking a leap of 5 years. The promo for the upcoming episodes has been released on YouTube and the audience of the show is loving it.

In the promo it is been seen that Rishabh, Preeta and her little girl goes out for shopping. The girl runs towards the road.

Kundali Bhagya

The girl gets into a problem. A man starts running towards the girl and at last the man saves the girl from the accident.

Rishabh and Preeta come there and tell them to thank you for shaving their child. The man says them not to tell thank you.

And he takes the girl gets into the car and goes away from there. Preeta and Rishabh dance after the car but fails to catch it.

A lot of twists are waiting for the audience in the upcoming episode of Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya. The fans are very excited to know what will be happening in the upcoming track.

In the latest track it is seen that preeta and the family completes the last rituals of karan’s death.Later on preeta gets to know that she is pregnant.

Preeta gets emtional .Prithvi also gets to know about the news and decides to ruin their happiness.He goes to the luthra house.

He tells everyone that preeta is pregnant with his child.Rishab gets angry throws him out of the house. Preeta breaks down and shouts ‘Karan’.

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