New Twist! Starplus Anupama Episode 616:Rakhi waits for the drama to begin

Anupama: Pakhi speaks to Adhik and asks him whether he is coming for the baby shower ceremony or not. He tells them that if she wants he will definitely come.

She tells that she will be very happy and they will spend time together and they will also have fun together. Adhik asks about the outfit that she is going to wear.


Pakhi tells about her outfit.She replies about the colour she will wear, while he compliments her.On the other hand, Anupama worries if everything will be ok.

Leela asks Pakhi that who was she speaking to she makes an excuse and goes from there. Hasmukh tells Anupama that we should not take tension because everything will be fine.

Rakhi enters the Shah house Anupama gives a warm welcome to her. Anu makes her wear flowers, while Rakhi taunts them about it being cheap.

Leela over there supports Anupama, Anupama starts feeling good. Rakhi intentionally speaks about vanraj s she tells that he could not attend the baby shower ceremony.

Leela gets angry at her. She asks her to pay attention to her daughter’s baby shower. Anupama gets nervous to handle Rakhi, Leela, and Barkha together.

Rakhi says that if you were planned the baby shower ceremony then she would have made it Grand and she would have brought gifts for everyone.

Samar and Jignesh talks about the drama Rakhi will create. Jignesh gives compliments to Rakhi. And tells that you will be not looking like a grandmother

Rakhi says that she does not even look like a mother. Jignesh tells that people are fond of fake compliments. She overhears this and gets angry.

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