Anupama written update Episode 608-20th June 2022

anupama written update

Sara tells Anupama that she also wants to join the dance class because she is also a dancer. Anupama says that she can but the fees are very high.

She says that everyday she have to make a cup of tea for her. She says that she can get into the dance class and there is no problem with that.

Barkha tells that Sara does not know how to make tea. She says that that doesn’t matter but you will learn to make. Anupama message that it is right everyone should know everything.

Barkha says that now Anupama is the wife of Anuj and now she should raise her standards. She says that now she is not a simple lady.

Anupama tells that she wants to be a simple lady and wants to stay like a simple lady always. Anupama tells that she always wants to stay down the earth.

Sara says that she will be getting ready in 5 minutes Anupama says that she will be stopping the auto rickshaw.

On the other hand samar thinks that he has forgot to bring the sipper.Vanraj comes there and gives him the shipper.

Samar Asks him whether he came so long distance only to give him that. He says that he has came there to ask him whether he can work with him.

Samar remembers how use two shout on him because he became a dancer.Vanraj tells that samar will manage the dance classes and he can manage the other things.

He tells that he does not think that Anupama will be returning back to the dance academy ever. Anupama comes at that moment.

Samar gets surprised to see her over there along with Sara. She tells him that actually Sarah will also be joining the dance classes.

Vanraj asks Anupama that why you came over there, she says that she has many things to do she also have to work.

On the other hand Barkha tells Adhik that he must get close to Anuj because the children of Anupam is very close to him.

Later Anupama and everyone goes to the Shah house.Sara invites everyone to come to their place and enjoy and have a party.

Vanraj does not allow anyone to go over there but Hasmukh give the permission to the kids to go over there.

Barkha and Adhik get surprised to find that Kinjal, Pakhi and samar has came to their place. Sara says that they will be staying over there for that night.

Adhik stops Barkha from telling anything. Pakhi and Adhik stare at each other and Anupama observe all this.

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