Anupama latest episode update: Sara joins Anupama’s dance academy

anupama latest episode

Anupama tells that she needs to go to the dance academy. Sara tells that she also wants to go to the dance academy.

She tells that she is also a dancer. On the other hand, vanraj goes to the academy and tells Samar that he wants to work over there.

Sara tells that she will get ready . Anu tells that she will stop the auto.Samar get surprised to see his father in the dance academy.

He remembers that how he used to scold him for becoming a dancer and how he used to insult his mother because of this.

Samar tells that he can allow him but first you need to take permission from his mother Anupama.Vanraj tells that Anupama is now a part of a big family.

He tells that he does not think that she will come over there and that moment Anupama calls Samar and asks him to pay to the auto-rickshaw.

She was surprised to see him over there in the dance academy she asked him what is he doing over there.

Samar covers the thing and tells that actually he forgot his water bottle that’s why he came there to give it. Anupama introduces Sara and tells that she will be.

Vanraj get surprised to see her over there. Anupama tells that they have many works to do to and they must start with the works.

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