Kundali Bhagya : Will Arjun enter Preeta’s life ?

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV daily soap Kundali Bhagya is coming up with lots of twists and turns in its upcoming episode. The audience are very excited to know what will be happening.

In the recent track, it is seen that Rakhi gets angry with Rishabh because he did not have breakfast and went for the meeting.

Preeta tells her that actually, he had an important meeting that’s why he left. Rakhi tells that she does not know anything and he has to come back.

Kavya comes and tells that they should call Rishabh. She gives the phone to preeta. Preeta calls him and ask him that why he is not present at the house.

Rishabh feels very bad because he was in a meeting and his phone was connected to the projector. Everyone in the meeting started laughing.

Rishab tells her that he can’t come back because he must attend an auction and he will have to go there. She asks her to manage everything at home.

Preeta says that she will manage everything at home and he should not worry about what will be happening over there.

Rishabh goes for your action and he give the good bidding. His competitor Arjun’s manager calls him and tells about Rishabh.

Arjun tells that he wants the Palace at any cost and asks his manager to put a higher bid. His manager goes and gives a building of 450 crores.

Rishabh then tells that he will offer 250 crores everyone get shocked. He tells that it will be also giving a Palace inside the palace for the owner where he can stay at any time without any interference.

The owner of the palace gets impressed by him and tells him that he will be going with his offer. Arjun gets to know about all this and gets angry.

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