Anupama spoiler: Husmukh invites the Kapadia’s, and Anupama gets happy


Anupama requested Leela to invite her in-laws she feels bad that she is not inviting her in-laws she feels bad for it.

Leela says that she wants to invite her in-laws. And she gets angry with her she says that if she does not listen to her then she is also not invited her.

But later on, it will be seen that Hasmukh decides to invite her in-laws to Anupama and make her happy.

He calls Barkha on the video call he invites the whole family on the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal. Before Barkha could tell anything Ankush tells him that they will be there.

Sara also gets excited and knowing that they are going for the baby shower ceremony. Barkha get surprised to see her excitement.

On the other hand, Leela calls her son and informs him about the ceremony. Vanraj gets surprised to hear that they have planned for the baby shower ceremony without informing him about anything.

Leela says that she does not know anything because she will be doing the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal when her son gets back.

Kavya also gets shocked to know about this and she tells that how can this be possible because the in-laws are not over there.

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