Anupama’s upcoming twist: Is Adhik planning to hurt pakhi ?

anupama upcoming twist

In the recent track a lot of which has been seen in the Star Plus release of Anupama. In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Rakhi decides to perform the baby shower ceremony.

At first, Leela does not agree with her and tell her that this is not possible because of the in-law of Kavya and not being present in the house.

But she does not listen to her and she says that she has decided that she will do the baby shower ceremony and she will do it at any cost.

Leela tells that this is not a joke because they have to do many things they have to prepare things for the occasion.

Rakhi says that they don’t have to do anything because she will be preparing everything they just have to come to the place.

Leela get surprised to hear that she is planning to do the baby shower ceremony in her house. Leela tells that that is not possible because the baby shower ceremony happens in the in-laws.

Rakhi says that is not possible because she will be doing the ceremony in her house only. She taunts the Shah family for their middle-class habits.

Anupama gets angry on her at last it gets decided that they will do the ceremony in the Shah house. But Rafi says that if the place is decided by them then the date must be decided by her.

What is the planning of Adhik?

Well, it is also seen in the show that Adhik and Pakhi are getting closer to each other. In the latest episodes, It is seen that Adhik calls Pakhi.

He invites her for a coffee date and she gets excited she thinks that he has started liking her. On the other Adhik assures Barkha that she does not have to worry about their future because he will make it happen.

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