Hotstar Anupama best track of the week: Anuj and Anupama patch up

hotstar anupama

Vanraj creates a scene in the Kapadiya house after knowing that Kinjal met an accident. He gets angry on Anupama.

He blames Anupama for all that have happened. He tells that what would happen if a Kinjal would have lost her baby.

Anuj tries to stop him and tells that Anupam is not responsible for all this it is just an accident. But he does not listen to anyone.

He continues to blame Anupama and accuse Anupama of all that has happened in the house.Later on Hasmukh cools him down and tell him that Anuj is absolutely right.

Anuj supports Anupama but he also feels bad because her ex-husband is blaming her.Later he tells Anupama that she must stay away from the family.

She says that she can’t do that because Kinjal is pregnant but he tells that she should stay away from their family because the family always gives hurt to her.

Anuj tells that this time he has done nothing but the next time if someone misbehaves with her then he will take the revenge.

He tells that she should not always defend her ex-husband. Anupama tells that she is not defending her ex husband but she does not want the relation between the children to break due to the adults.

Both of them argue and breaks up. But both of them also gets emotional and feels bad they have fight. Later on both of them solve the matter and patch up.

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