Anupama 30th May – 4th June 2022 Weekly Update

Anupamaa Update

Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode which is keeping the audience to the show.

In the recent track it is seen that Anuj and Anupama goes for their honeymoon. Both of them enjoy the time together.

Anuj takes Anupama to the orphanage and Anuj gets emotional. He tells her everything that he had to go through when he is to stay in the orphanage.

After hearing this story Anupama also gets emotional . Then they meet a girl in the orphanage. They get to know that her name is also Anu.

Later Anuj and Anupama goes with Anu to the sea beach. Anuj and Anupama then decides to adopt her. Anuj speaks to his friend Abhay.

Then Anuj and Anupama promise Anu that they will be coming there and taking her to their house. Both of the return home.

Anuj gets surprised to see that his cousin is there. Barkha and Arun surprises both of them. Anupama gets happy seeing them.

Arun tells Anupama that she is more beautiful than He has had about her. Anuj, Anupama Barkha, and Arun celebrate the time together.

Anupama tells that should make some food for everyone but says that she should not because she has made the food for everyone.

Anuj and Anupama tells that they must change and they will be having the food together after a long time.

Stay tuned to us for the latest wireless and the updates of the show, and keep on watching Star Plus daily soap Anupama.

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