Spoiler! Meet 4th June 2022: OH NO Shanty is back


Zee TV serial Meet is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode. Isha comes and gives dark chocolate to meet.

Babita tells her not to eat that because her mother-in-law has taught her not to eat in thing dark.Meet ahlawat speaks to a person about the business.

Meet feels good that her husband is Managing his business of Rajvardhan so nicely. She feels proud of him.

After some time meet receives a call from the police station Babita takes the phone and informs them that she has taken only for two days.

Babita tells her that she should get ready for the hawan as the guruji will be coming soon. Shunty comes into the house.

He does not tell anything. Isha counter in front of Shunty and he gets angry seeing her but there he throws a cockroach at her.

Isha starts screaming she gets afraid she remembers how Shunty did it to her on their first night. Meet Supports her.

Shunty tells his men to execute the plan. He decides to do a short circuit in the house to execute his plan.

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