New Twist! Anupama episode 6th June 2022 Update


Starplus serial Anupama is ruling the TRP charts. The show has always entertained the audience and the views of the show have also given lots of love to the show.

The makers of the show are coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode. Anupama,anuj,barkha and arun sit together for having food.

Barkha says that nothing has changed in the house at all. Anuj tells that they are making their new house .

She says that she will love to do the interior decoration of the new house. Anuj tells that for that she must take permission from Anupama.

Anuj says that she is the owner of the house. On the other hand, toshu beats the boy as he was flirting with pakhi.

Pakhi tells toshu that it is not the guy who was trying to flirt with her but he is another guy who saved her from the bad guy.

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Anupama recent updates :

Anupama meets Anuj’s cousins Barkha and Arun. She takes blessings from them. She tells that she has family and she also became a wife but now she has become a daughter-in-law.

Arun praises anupama and tells that she looks very beautiful. Arun pulls anuj’s leg for losing his six pack abs.Anuj says that his wife is a very good cook.

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