Anupama 27th June 2022 Promo Update: Will Leela invite the Kapadia’s for the baby shower?

Hasmukh call Barkha and inform the family that the next date will be the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal. He invites everyone.


Sara gets excited knowing that they will be going for the baby shower ceremony of Kinjal. Barkha get surprised to see her excitement.

Ankush gets to know about the invitation and sure that the whole family will be present over there in the ceremony.

Anupama gets happy knowing that her in-laws are being invited in the ceremony. On the other hand Leela breakdown and she calls her son.

She calls vanraj and tell him that Rakhi has planned for the baby shower ceremony in a very short notice. She says that the baby shower ceremony is on the next day.

Kavya get surprised to hear this she asks that how can this be possible. Because Kinjal in laws and not present for there at the house.

Leela tells that she does not my anything but she knows that the ceremony will only take place after vanraj and Kavya returns home.

Anupama recent episode update:

In the recent episode Anupama gets to know that Rakhi has came to that house and she has insulted everyone. She gets angry at her.

She puts the mop on her feet. After that she cleans the floor. Leels tell her to stop all these Anuj says that there is no problem because he is a part of the family.

Rakhi starts taunting she says that she has got to know from her sources that the Shah family was insulted during the Griha Pravesh of Anupama and Anuj.

Kinjal correct her she tells that she has had the bad thing about her but she has not had that after that Anuj and Anupama handled the situation very nicely.

Rakhi asks where did she go with Anupama. She says that she went with Anupama to stay at her place and she didn’t night but you were there.

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