Meet written update -25th June 2022: Manushi and Kunal kidnaps Meet

meet written update

In the recent episodes It is seen that Babita comes to the hospital to meet her grandchild. She enters the room but does not find the child.

She gets to know from dinner that the baby was born Still she breaks down completely after hearing it from the nurse.

Meet gets back her senses she asks about her baby Babita says that her baby was born still. On the other hand Manushi kidnaps the baby and decides to take revenge from her sister.

Meet after hearing the truth from Babita she breaks down completely but later on she remembers that Manushi she took her to the hospital.

She doubts that Manushi is the one who has done something to her baby. She calls her and asks about her baby.

Manushi tells her that she has kidnapped her baby she gets shocked to hear this. She decides to go and save her baby.

Manushi and Kunal lays down a trap the kidnap meet and blackmails her. She tells her that she must leave the city.

Meet gets ready to do whatever Manushi wants to save her baby. She says that if she wants meet ahlawat then she will be leaving him.

As soon as Manushi shows the babies video meet starts fighting with Kunal and Manushi so that she can run away from there.

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