Kundali bhagya S01,24th June 2022 full episode: Arjun is actually karan?

Zee TV Kundali Bhagya: Episode start with Preeta. Preeta drops Kavya to school. Arjun follows her and reaches the school. There he gets to know that the name of the girl is Kavya. He watches both of them. Arjun remembers the old memories.

Arjun remembers how Preeta and Karan both were sitting and discussing their what should they give the name of their upcoming baby. At first, Karan suggested the name Sara but then Preeta told that they should keep the name starting with k letter.

Kundali Bhagya

He gets emotional he thinks that with the has betrayed him and she has taken the dreams from him. Arjun misunderstands Preeta he thinks that she has given the name Kavya to the baby of Rishabh. He gets angry.

Preeta gets into the school a woman tells her that the principal was telling her good things about Kavya. She gets into the school and suddenly she turns behind and finds a man standing over there in black suit. She feels awkward but she ignores.

Arjun continues to follow her. Preeta goes upstairs to meet the principal. She knocks at the door and entered the room. Arjun stands outside your room and tries to hear what is being spoken inside the room.

The principal tells Preeta that Kavya is good at her academics but she is misbehaving in the school. She tells that how she misbehaved with one of her classmates and the parents came to the school. Preeta says that she will surely speak to her.

The principal asks Preeta to first inform Rishabh about the incident. She says that she has heard about Rishabh and that he is a very cool-headed man. She also tells that the other teachers has also told her that she is a gentleman.

Preeta also tells that yes he is a gentleman. Arjun overhears the conversation and gets angry thinking that how one time he has over here the conversation between Preeta and Sameer and Srishti. He thinks that Peter has always loved Rishabh.

The principal gets the call. Preeta finds that someone is watching her she tells the principal that she will look into the matter. She start finding the man who was standing outside the room and listening to what both of them their speaking.

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