Anupama written update 30th May 2022 :Anuj takes Anupama to the orphanage


Anupama 30th May 2022: The episode starts with Anupama and Anuj.Anuj says to Anupama that she has worn dress for him despite being uncomfortable. 

Anuj thanks Anupama for wearing the dress. He tells her that she can wear anything that she feels comfortable with after her return home.

Anuj tells that maybe sometimes he will ask her to do something which you will not like but she can’t tell him without any hesitation.

He asks her whether she is happy or not. She says she is extremely happy. She says that she has got everything from him.

He tells that he has given everything to her except one thing that is the family. He tells that his cousins stay outside India. But the love him very much that they have gifted the honeymoon trip.

Anuj decide to visit USA with Anupama. Anupama sleeps. Anuj puts Anupama to the sleep. Kavya returns home late night.

She gets scared when she finds that Leela is standing in front of her. Leela asks her why she so late she says that from now onwards you will be late.

Hasmuk, Paritosh and Pakhi see the pictures and gets happy. Samar gives tea to Vanraj.Anupama gets happy visiting the temples and Mumbai.

Later Anupama says to Anuj they will go to the place which is close to his heart. Kavya tells Leela to tell her a time when it will be the best time of the day.

She informs everyone she is going to start a business with her ex husband. Everyone gets shocked. On the other hand Anuj takes Anupama to the orphanage.

He gets emotional and starts speaking about the childhood memories he says that a child who has their parents are the luckiest child in the world.

He tells Anupama that when a child grows up they learn how to say their mother or father’s name but he had to learn how to say thank you.

Anuj tells to Anupama that orphanage is not less than a temple for him. Anupama also gets emotional along with Anuj.She thanks Anuj for bringing her to the orphanage.

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