Anupama 23-30th July 2022 Weekly Update


A lot of drama has happened in the latest episodes of Star Plus daily soap Anupama. Vanraj gets to know that Pakhi is in the Kapadiya house.

He goes there and creates a drama over there he asks her to come back to the house with him. She says that she won’t leave the house.

Anupama requests pakhi to go with him and solve the problem. Anupama get some dream in the night and she gets scared.

Anuj consoles her and said that nothing bad will happen and everything will fall in place. In the morning Anuj wakes up and finds that anupama and anu are praying to god.

Anupama feels good. Anuj tells anu that she will be going to meet husmukh and she will feel good after that.

On the other hand, pakhi creates a drama at the shah house.Vanraj then tells her he wants to become a good father.

Later anu and anupama goes to the shah house .Pakhi insults anupama and tells her to leave the house as soon as possible.

Anupama gets shocked.Vanarj tells pakhi to behave herself as anupama is her mother and she should respect her .

Pakhi tells that when she went to stay at anupama’s house she didnot allow her to stay .Anupama tells that is because vanraj was angry.

On the other hand anuj thinks that anupama is going through a lot and he must support her so that she doesnot have too face any more difficulties.

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