Anupama Update: Anupama’s first rasoi after marriage

Anupama update

Anupama goes into the kitchen and feels shy and as well as she feels happy because it is a new life and it is her first rasoi after the marriage.

Anupama decides to make halwa and tea for Anuj and GK because both of them like halwa. She tries to find out the lighter in the kitchen.

Anuj comes and helps her out .He tells that the oven is automatic so that anu do not face any problem in the kitchen.

Anu thanks him for doing so much for her.He gets happy.Anuj starts helping anupama in making breakfast.Anu tells him that she can makee the breakfast on her own.

But Anuj tells that he has promised her before that he will never let her work alone in the kitchen.Anupama remembers her past.

Anuj tells her that she can call ,if she wants anuj tell that she should never think that how will he feel if she call her children.

He tell that they can call samar.Anuj calls Samar but he does not pick up the call.Anupama tells that may be he is sleeping.

On the other hand husmukh tell that he does not want any problem should happen in the life of Anupama.Samar tells that he will message of the something that they were sleeping.

Vanraj comes back home and tells that he wants to announce something to everyone. Paritosh ,Kinjal and the whole family gets shocked.

What will vanraj announce ?

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