19 Kids Dead In Texas School Shooting Video

Uvalde Tx 19 Children Killed

A gunman killed 21 people including 19 elementary school students on Tuesday. The news is going viral and that’s why the people are horrified .

Everyone wants to know who is the Gunman who has killed the elementary school students.what was his motive behind killing innocent children and adults? 

What happened at Uvalde 19 children

A teenage man shot 19 students along with some adults, incident took place on Tuesday.The Texas Government official named Greg Abbot said the suspect was identified as Salvador Ramos.

Salvador Ramos is a 18-year-old boy, according to reports he was born in the year 2004. According to the reports the boy has also shot his grandmother before shooting day other people and children.Moreover, the police officer also revealed the suspect is believed to be a student of a nearby high school. 

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