Anupamaa S01,26th May 2022 :Romantic!! Anuj and Anupama to go on Honeymoon

Anupamaa 26 may 2022

Anupamaa 26 May 2022: The episode begins with Anupama finding the lighter in the kitchen. And there and help her out.

Anupama tells that the open is fully automatic, the open is fully automatic so that she does not have to worry about all this.

Both of them starts making the breakfast in the kitchen Anupam asks that why is he doing all this in the kitchen. He reminds her that he has promised her that he will always help her in the kitchen.

On the other hand vanraj walks on the road and gets angry thinking what Kavya has told him. On the other hand Anupama starts thinking about her children.

Anuj tells her to call her children, I know that she should never think that he will be upset if she speaks to her children.Samar does not pick up the call Anupama tell that maybe he is sleeping.

Hasmukh tell that they should not inform Anupama about what happened in the house otherwise she will start thinking about all this.

The Shah’s finds that Leela is very angry.Vanraj comes back home and tells everyone that he has something to announce to everyone.

On the other hand Anuj and Anupama romance in the kitchen.Vanraj tell the family that now Anupama is not there and he will be taking on the responsibilities of the family.He says he is capable to run the house.

Anupama clears to Anuj that taking care of others is her nature and she will continue to do that.Anuj gives a kiss to Anupama and gets smitten again.

Kinjal video calls Anupama. Anu asks that why is leela so sad,Leela speaks rudely with Anupama. Vanraj covers up the talk and says to Anupama that Leela is angry on them.

Later anuj tell anupama to get ready anupama asks that why will she get ready .Anuj tells that they have to go ,anu asks that where will they go.

Anuj asks her that where do the newly marries couples go after marraige.He gives a hint but she fails to answer it. Anuj tells them that they will go on a honeymoon. Anupama feels shy.

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